Why To Choose Java?

Java is a computing platform and programming language for application development. It was released in 1995 by Sun Microsystem and later it was acquired by Oracle Corporation. Java is one of the most used programming languages worldwide. Java platform helps to develop and run programs written in the Java programming language. The Java platform includes an execution engine, a compiler, and a set of Java libraries. JAVA platform is an independent language and it’s not specific to any processor or operating system. Java is the primary language for Android development. It is used to develop governmental websites, web applications, big data technologies like Hadoop & Apache Storm. Java is also a classic choice for scientific projects. With the increasing popularity of Go and Python, Java has managed to stay at the top of the list for more than a decade.

Java Technology


Many applications and websites will not work unless Java is installed on your system. From laptops to game consoles, datacenters to scientific supercomputers, mobile devices Java is almost everywhere.  

Java Software

When you download Java software, you get The Java Runtime Environment (JRE).  It consists of a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Java platform core classes, and supporting libraries. The JRE portion is the runtime part of the software and that is what you need to run it in your Web browser. Java is not just a language, but it is an ecosystem of tools covering almost everything that you require for Java Development. This includes:


•    Java Development Kit 


A standard Notebook app that enables you to write, run/compile Java code. 


•    Java Runtime Environment


It’s a software distribution tool that contains a stand-alone Java Virtual Machine, a configuration tool, and the Java standard library (Java Class Library).


•    Integrated Development Environment


These tools help you run, edit, and compile your code.


•    Java Plug-in Software


 It is a component of the Java Runtime Environment that allows applets written in the Java programming language to run inside the various web browsers.  It is not a standalone program so it cannot be installed separately.



There are several advantages to selecting Java for web application development. Let’s discuss some of the reasons why you should choose Java for web development.


Independent Platform


This is one of the main reasons to choose Java for web development. Java enables developers to write the code once and use/reuse it anywhere. This feature makes Java highly portable hence it can be used in multi-platform applications with much ease. 


There isn’t a need to change hardware or OS, this makes Java written applications more compatible. It saves businesses from the hassle. 


This differentiates Java from its competition as most of the other programming languages are platform dependent. 


Java is Secure


Java has several inbuilt security features, advanced authentication, cryptography, and access control which makes it highly useful for web development. Using these features, developers can use its comprehensive API including secure login mechanisms, ciphers, digital signatures, creating a custom security policy, and many more. Developer tools like Eclipse and NetBeans, along with Java 14's Latest Features, enhance productivity, scalability, and modularity.


Java Has A Rich Set Of APIs


Java provides APIs for networking, XML parsing, I/O, database connection, utilities. The rest of the topics are covered by open source libraries such as Apache POI, Jackson, Google Guava, Apache Commons, and many others.


Java In Real World Applications


Java is being used for well-known portals like,,, and, etc. Java is best for developing enterprise web applications covering various industries including but not limited to healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services. Java is also ideal for the latest technologies like IoT, Games, Cloud development, AI, Smart devices, Data Mining, and applications based on AR/VR.


Java Tools To Make You Productive


To ensure higher productivity, Java’s excellent developer tools and IDE are freely available. Eclipse and NetBeans are the two most popular IDE to develop Java applications. 


Multi-Threading Supports


Java has the multi-threading capability, applications written in Java can manage multiple users or threads at the same time. The developers don’t have to execute multiple copies of the code on the same hardware, Java helps to create as many threads within a single copy of the software as per the application requirement. Multithreaded supported by Java provides a user with faster response time, multiple operations, fewer issues, better performance, and faster concurrent access.


Object-Oriented Programming Language


It is one of the most wanted features of Java and contributes significantly to Java's popularity. For web development, this feature is highly useful, and as an OOP application is easier to manage/code and it keeps the system modular, flexible, and scalable. Objects created in Java can be reused across the application and the reusability of software reduces the cost of application development.



Java relevance since its launch has grown tremendously. Code compatibility across different platforms that support Java is a unique attribute. 


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