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Our Vision

At Soft Tech Group, Inc., we strive to lead in the inception, design and development of most advanced business solutions, including Software development, Enterprise Applications, Integrations, Web, Mobility and E-commerce.

Our Mission

Soft Tech Group, Inc. is an IT Services Company, whose mission is to enable every business to achieve excellence in what it does through implementing the right business solutions.

Utilizing agile methodology for solution delivery, we deliver industry vertical based solutions positively impacting our clients’ ROI! We aim to target specific business and technology trends through our industry knowledge, our technology capabilities and our expertise in service offerings.

Why Soft Tech

  • Dedicated Teams
  • Efficient Execution
  • Creation & Innovation
  • Research & Analysis
  • Fast Communication
  • Ease of Work

Our Core Values

Soft Tech Group believes in a set of values that help govern the functions of the company and our talented employees. It gives us a common goal and direction to work towards and define parameters acceptable to everyone who work for Soft Tech Group.

  • Integrity & Commitment
  • Innovation
  • Customer Focus
  • Respect & Teamwork
  • Above & Beyond

Our New York City Journey

  • Soft Tech Group's New York base has expanded over the years by catering to a greater number of NYC businesses.
  • New York City brings its own competition, and businesses thrive in a competitive environment.
  • Soft Tech Group Inc.'s journey began in Manhattan and has continued to expand ever since.
  • Soft Tech Group Inc., a New York City technology company, takes pride in serving clients.

What Clients Say

  • I conducted a series of interviews with different firms, and Soft Tech Group, Inc best understood what I wanted to accomplish. Soft Tech Group, Inc was responsive and organized, sticking perfectly to the timeline. The team worked hard and built a functional app.
    Mishkina Terrane
    Executive at MedRoom
  • The site has experienced promising membership trends since its launch, and the website has received positive reviews. Soft Tech Group, Inc. features an accessible and sophisticated team. Their development approach is thorough and timely, which has prompted consideration for future collaboration. I couldn’t run my business without Soft Tech Group.
    Andrew Nass
    Founder of Arrangement Connections
  • Their optimism was both refreshing and comforting. Some developers didn’t want to take on our project for various reasons, but Soft Tech Group, Inc. loved the idea. Their team was excited to be a part of our mission to provide affordable textbooks for students and their dedication to the project hasn’t diminished. When we send them revisions, they don’t just make the changes to appease us; they follow up with suggestions that would bring their work to the next level.
    Stephen DiMauro
    Founder of ENGL Education
  • Their work is good, and they’ve managed a fairly complex project well. They have the skillset to work on a variety of tasks, including HTML, cloud-based hosting, and backend design. They maintain consistent communication and produce satisfactory results. Their management has nearly 20 years of experience in software development, making them highly skilled.
    eCanuks MQT Global