Tools for QA and automated testing

It's well known that software testing plays a significant role in the advancement of various technologies and systems, such as smartphones, e-commerce platforms, and other types of software. However, many companies and software developers often do not realize that testing is beneficial to their businesses.


This is mainly due to a lack of knowledge in how to test an application successfully and more specifically in what tools to use for this purpose. It is important to note that testing tools are very useful for development purposes. We wanted to provide you with a list of the most widely used QA/automated testing tools so that you know which ones are available


There’s a lot to choose from, and finding the right one can be difficult. You should consider how much of a load you will put on the application under test, whether it should integrate with other software like JIRA, and even what type of reports you’re looking for.


In software development, Quality Assurance (QA) is more than just a regular process. It is the discipline that ensures a software product has minimum quality standards. Quality assurance is a crucial part of product development, which is why QA automation is one of the most important things any company can do. And we have to develop ourselves with these tools since automated testing itself has long become mature and widespread.


There are plenty of tools for automated testing which let you deliver quality to users on time. In this article, I am going to show you a few reliable tools that can be used for QA purposes and automated testing.


So, let me show you what I mean and present these tools that have helped our team tremendously in our QA efforts, and might do the same for you.




Selenium is an open-source framework for web application testing. Tools like Selenium are a godsend to ordinary developers, QA engineers, and testers alike.


Selenium tests web applications by simulating user activity as clicks, form submits, etc. It includes more than 300 assertion actions and has 3 modes of execution: record, playback, and Javascript.


If you are interested in automating your testing, we recommend Selenium as your choice of technology. It is a suite of tools and frameworks that allow you to write programs that automate tasks on your browsers. It supports different scripting languages such as JavaScript, Ruby, Java and C/


Selenium is among the most popular tools when it comes to Automation Testing. It is a flexible framework for testing websites and web applications. It supports various browsers like IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. It can record and play the tests in one single language.


Selenium is indeed a very sophisticated test automation tool, but it can be used only for web app testing. Another drawback of selenium is that you need to install it on each client's machine.



With tremendous strides being made in the field of QA and testing, to keep a single pace, one requires enhancing one's testing approach by automating it. TestingWhiz has been designed with this prime objective of ensuring that automation is handled by experts. TestingWhiz functions as a tool from development to QA so that business owners can get their applications tested faster and cheaper.


TestingWhiz is a complete test automation platform that combines the power of cross-browser testing, functional/regression/acceptance testing with data-driven test automation and mobile testing.


It is a test automation software that enables you to perform robust testing of your applications. You can generate test scripts in minutes and manage your scripts, projects and tests with a very friendly and powerful user interface. TestingWhiz supports Java SE, J2EE, .Net including MS SQL Server DB API and Oracle Database or any database that has JDBC connectivity.


TESTINGWHIZ is an all-in-one software testing MVP solution for Agile and Software Testing Automation. It’s a full-stack solution for automated software testing, change request management, bug tracking and agile release management.


With built-in test management tools, manual and automated testing capabilities, and requirement management features, it lets QA teams spend less time on mundane tasks so that they can focus on more strategic goals.


HPE Unified Functional Testing 


Are you a software company or tester who wants to build an effective but easy-to-use end-to-end testing solution? Are you on the lookout for a good platform that can offer all the functionalities that you need? HPE Unified Functional Testing (HPE UFT) is a user-friendly, automated testing tool that helps to build test cases. It supports parallel test execution and more.


Designing, automating and maintaining complex systems is a huge task. You need a tool that can support all that. HPE Unified Functional Testing (HPE UFT) performs automated testing for web applications, mobile applications and software-intensive systems. This platform is a comprehensive tool that allows testers to develop automated tests for any application within a single solution. The software provides everything you need to run manual and automated tests in the cloud or on your local computer.


HPE Unified Functional Testing (UFT) delivers continuous testing throughout the software delivery lifecycle. It enables testers to reach a higher level of quality through cross-functional integration, automation and accelerating the speed of development through unique smart object recognition, error handling mechanisms, and automated documentation. Above all that it can be integrated with Mercury Business Process Testing and Mercury Quality Center


The latest revision of HPE enables users to access new assisted testing capabilities, conduct responsive testing, and visualize UI tests.




TestComplete is a powerful cross-platform automated testing tool that’s used by more than 30,000 organizations worldwide to test desktop, mobile and web applications. It offers low-cost test automation, is easy to learn and requires no programming skills. It provides robust testing capabilities to test everything from simple data entry fields to complex business logic.


It is a new automated GUI testing tool for software development that enables you to test all types of desktop and web applications. It supports both scripted and interactive tests, executing them in any browser and on any operating system.


TestComplete automates all kinds of software testing. It provides a comprehensive solution that automates tests for desktop, web and mobile applications on varied platforms. It combines the power of automation with the flexibility of Manual Testing so that the former shortens test cycle times while the latter ensures maximum quality of the product under test.


It allows software testing professionals to develop, distribute and execute comprehensive test scenarios on various desktop and mobile platforms. Its main features are fault injection, object inspection, dynamic data support, distributed test execution support, robust scripting support by using the VBScript or Java language, and support for various programming languages such as C++ and Java.




Ranorex is a tool for testing the user experience of your software. The emphasis is on speed, scalability and automation. In an environment where testing tools must develop alongside new technologies and software demands, Ranorex offers reliable and high-quality testing for all web-based applications, including those that enable mobile device usage (iOS, Android).


Ranorex is a seamless suite of testing and monitoring tools. Ranorex Studio is the core of Ranorex and is used by developers to create automated tests. Ranorex Script Recorder records the actions of the user and turns them into a set of steps or scripts. Ranorex WebTest Recorder also automatically records scripts but for web applications.


Ranorex is mainly used to test web pages, applications and devices. It allows you to automate both user interface and functional testing without having to write a single line of code. Instead of coding your script, creating a library or using a script recorder, Ranorex offers a wide variety of quick record templates which help you quickly automate your web and mobile application tests. Ranorex should be the test automation solution in your toolbox.


Ranorex offers solutions for Microsoft Windows. It has, among other things, extensions for web applications (ASP.NET, Java, PHP, etc.), databases (SQL Server), mobile platforms (iOS, Android) and software testing (manual, GUI and unit testing).




Sahi is a free and open-source, cross-platform web and cloud-based testing framework. It allows you to write test scripts in any programming language (Java, Python, PHP) or markup language (HTML). Sahi can simulate a multitude of devices using real browsers and thus helps you validate the functionality of your website across various browsers and platforms.


Sahi is a framework for performing acceptance and regression testing of web applications. It is written in Java and can be run on multiple platforms. Developed as an open-source testing tool, Sahi can perform functional and regression testing on web applications using Selenium, Watir or raw code.


It supports all major application frameworks and databases, with no hidden charges, expensive maintenance contracts, or per-seat fees. It focuses on JavaScript and Java technologies at the moment (with plans to support Python and . NET) but can be used for testing thematically similar technologies as well. It's a sort of cross between a GUI script recorder and an actual scripting language, which makes it very powerful for regression testing across multiple browsers.




Watir is an open-source software library for automating web browsers. It provides a Ruby domain-specific language (DSL). This is a community project that was started in 2005 and is still under active development. In short, it allows you to write tests very easily that can cover more complicated interactions between your website and the user.


Watir is the most useful Ruby library for automating web browsers. It's great for testing code that interacts with a web browser because it provides a simple way to navigate through your code using Ruby methods.


Watir allows software tests to be written using Ruby or Java and can run on Windows, Mac, Linux, or Solaris in a headless mode where commands are issued directly to the browser.


Tosca Test suite 


This is a software framework, which helps you test the automation of desktop applications, websites and emulators. Tosca Testsuite is a professional, open-source test management and execution automation tool that supports the entire software testing process. It helps testers organize tests, execute them quickly and provide the results to software development teams in clear reports.


Tosca Testsuite is a complete solution for developers and software companies interested in and looking for an agile testing environment. It is a powerful and extensible test automation tool that supports multiple scripting languages (BeanShell, Java, Perl, Python and Ruby).


It integrates both BDD and TDD styles and can be used to generate JUnit tests and has a framework for running the tests in parallel.


It helps teams in detecting defects, performing continuous integration and regression testing, reporting and tracking bugs.


Telerik TestStudio 


Telerik Test Studio is a comprehensive and easy to use set of tools for automated testing. It improves the productivity and test coverage of software development companies with its many powerful features.


Telerik TestStudio is a complete end-to-end testing solution that now includes support for WPF and Silverlight applications. The features of this platform are endless and can save you so much time, which then translates to more time spent on other things. It supports most languages and frameworks out there including .NET, Java, C++ and many others. Some additional features include standard browsers and operating systems which are all at your fingertips with the tool.


Telerik Test Studio provides the best conditions for developers. It’s easy to use, and the platform has a diverse number of testing capabilities.


It is one of the best tools available for performing regression, load, and compatibility testing with support for HTML5 web applications, mobile applications, cross-browser and cross-device testing.


Not only is Telerik Test Studio a top-notch automated testing tool, but it also helps you to create better software.


Katalon Studio 


Katalon Studio is a test automation framework that helps you to write, execute and manage your automated tests. As Katalon Studio is also open source, it allows you to read its code, unlike many other tools.


You can do Automated Functional, Regression and Exploratory tests automatically on various mobile devices.


Katalon Studio is an automated testing tool that allows you to create automated test cases as well as perform analysis on code and application components once your tests are executed.


It is mainly used for automating web applications to achieve a higher level of productivity. Katalon helps to create the automated test scripts by recording the actions done by a user and then generating the test script automatically.


Katalon Studio has a very easy GUI tool for Automated testing, has high-level compatibility with BDD (Behavior Driven Development) and TestNG as well as other tools like JUnit and Cucumber, supports XPath selectors so it's very easy to make Functional Automation Tests of any web or mobile application.


Bottom Line 


Software Quality Assurance plays a major key in any software development. The quality of the product depends on how thorough QA testing is done. Therefore, it is very important to have the best QA tools, because without them you cannot do the proper testing. These tools play a significant role in speeding up your software testing activities, tracking defects and making sure that your products are bug-free before they get shipped to customers.


There are many software testing tools recommended by experts in the field. More often than not, it is difficult to distinguish between these tools, especially considering the vast number of choices out there.


In today's world where we need feedback fast, it just doesn't cut it anymore. It can turn a whole website redesign project into an arduous process that makes the client pull their hair out. A way to save money on this and boost the quality of your site is to automate testing.


Our goal was to compile a list of the best QA and automated testing tools. Whether you are a development startup or an established corporation you have to be running tests on your code. That’s why we created this List of QA and Automated Testing Tools.


These tools are important because QA is more than just an inevitability in development; it's also a necessity for delivering products that work well. You need automation, and you'll have to decide on which tool to pick from the almost overwhelming variety of tools out there.


If you have any inquiries or need further clarification regarding the QA and automated testing tools mentioned in this article, feel free to Get in Touch with us. We are here to assist you in making informed decisions about the best tools for your software testing needs.


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