New Market Trends in Python

The IT industry has seen unprecedented growth in the past few years. With each passing day, newer languages that use more advanced technologies are introduced in the market. One language that has held its place in Python. All the major social media platforms and other services use this language extensively. A 2018 report suggested that the Python language has seen the quickest growth at an exponential level with more and more users wanting to use it in their development.


A big reason for that is that major tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon, all use python in their regular development. That means that more developers will incline toward python. Python already has a well-developed reputation and has maintained it up until now. If you are thinking of investing your time and effort in learning python development, take a look at these top python trends to have a bright idea of what it entails for you.

Python Is Being Used In Many Well-Known Frameworks



Python Popularity is heavily implemented in different frameworks, and it keeps on growing. Python is expected to bring more frameworks and better upgrades to the existing ones by implementing new and better plugins. Here are some of the frameworks of python that are constantly being updated.


●    Django


●    Pyramid


●    CherryPy


●    TurboGears


●    Grok


●    Web2Py


●    Quixote


●    Bottle

Python Beats Java


Python has so many unique and easy-to-use features that it is replacing other languages, especially in web development. Even those developers who are hardcore Java users are now switching to python. That is because you can do almost anything you can do in Java, for example, programming for web applications, software solutions, and games as well. The list goes on.


That is why 2020 has seen a major hike in python users. Even though Java is still used by the majority, python is expected to give a tough time to Java as more users shift to python.


According to Google development trends, 2021 has marked a striking increase in businesses opting for python as their main development language. That is primarily because python is free to use and on top of that, it has excellent cross-compatibility.


Here is Google trends data for python usage versus Java in 2016. We can see that up until the mid of 2016 Java was still heavily used as compared to python. 


At the end of 2016 both Java and Python showed a drastic decrease. However, it was not until February 2018 that Python started gaining foot against Java.



Since then, Python has defeated Java every single time. Up until now, Python is a clear leader according to Google trends.

Python’s Focus On AI and ML — The Growth Of PyTorch


Python Data Sciences trends show that Python is increasingly focusing on AI and machine learning. Since the adaptation of some great libraries like PyTorch and Tensorflow, surveys indicate that Python is used heavily in artificial intelligence and machine learning tasks. Overall, PyTorch has seen a sharp and incremental growth as opposed to tensor flow.


PyTorch and TensorFlow are the most widely used frameworks of python that are used in DNN or deep neural networks. Deep learning has benefitted from PyTorch more than it has from TensorFlow. Since it takes time to get along with a new framework, only adaptable frameworks win. PyTorch is an easy win as it leads ahead in terms of its design, syntax, and many other aspects. However, both the frameworks are quite different and different developers are currently facing different dilemmas of choosing between the two. Another achievement in Python Web Scraping has become popular because it is an efficient way to extract the information


Many sources compare the two frameworks often pinning them against each other, but the present scenario is different. The two frameworks have come similar to each other. Even the original author of python has acknowledged this fact. One way to gauge this is to see how many papers wrote code in each of the frameworks.



The data will tell you that PyTorch is a clear winner. But keep in mind that the presented data only takes into account open research in the last five years. In 2019 TensorFlow’s participation was almost 32 percent. 


Surprisingly the participation of PyTorch was also exactly 32 percent.  However, this percentage increased in Sep of 2019 when data showed a 47 percent increase for TensorFlow and PyTorch only gained 20 percent.


So, what is happening here?


If we look at Google trends, we may see a different picture altogether. Google trends plotted a graph for the interest of people in both frameworks in the last five years. We can see that TensorFlow is decreasing as opposed to PyTorch. The decrease started in 2018 and only recovered in March 2019 after the release of the new revision. 


The most notable countries to have shown a preference for PyTorch and TensorFlow are Israel and Colombia. Fifty-four percent of developers in Israel preferring PyTorch while eighty-four percent of people in Colombia prefer Tensorflow over python.

More Businesses Are Using Python For Their IT Infrastructure


Python has also gained its fame in companies like YouTube and Spotify. In the coming years, python is expected to see a rise of about 25 percent in its usage by 2025. As more and more businesses will adopt Python frameworks for their development, more developers will choose Python as their go-to programming language like ETL in Python. As per pytrends, these frameworks are likely to get more stable and will have more features in 2021.

Trends In Data Sciences


More than 50 percent of developers are willing to work with python as compared to any other programming language. Python is used extensively in Data analysis and for automation tasks. Since data analysis is at the core of most businesses, python is the preferred course of action for most developers. The numbers are projected to increase twice in about 5 years. Established players like R and MATLAB had a place of their own and certainly had an edge over python but with the distribution of new packages, that has changed. 




NumPy allows time series analysis and has support for Linear algebra and multidimensional matrices with a high-quality collection of mathematical tools used to manipulate the complex matrices. NumPy is expected to replace the use of MATLAB in at least what is currently offered by Python. 




Pandas is a library for Python that is gaining foot in data manipulation and analysis. Functions gaining more importance are manipulation of time series and numeric tables. For data scientists and analysts working in Python, Pandas is becoming an important tool and the backbone of all the major data projects and has powerful visualization and machine learning tools. More and more people who are willing to pursue a career in data sciences are opting for Python.


Scipy And Scikit


Scipy and Scikit are also great machine learning libraries. Scipy and Scikit are increasingly applied in developing apps for stock analysis. Both are used in routine technical computing which includes numeric integration, image processing, statistics, and signal processing.  However, the usage of Scipy is negligible as compared to Scikit. Google trends show that SciPi never once rose above Scikit in the past 5 years. However, we do see a sharp decrease in Scikit usage in the past year.


Trends In Cloud Development


Python is being extensively implemented in integrated cloud development. For example, infrastructure as code, integration of things, and anything that requires integration is being covered by python’s cloud packages.


Python programmers are using the opportunity to program microservices by using powerful tool kits like Django and Pika in a serverless environment.


Despite frameworks like Flask and Laravel being available, Django is still very popular among the developers. In May 2016 Django even beat Laravel by 5 points. Although Laravel remains the most popular framework for web application development in the past 5 years, Django does not seem to go anywhere soon. As you can see it is the second most favored framework for cloud development.


Used In Deploying Code In A Serverless Environment

Python is used to develop and deploy applications in platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Other services are also used with Python Deployments like Azure Functions, Amazon API gateway, and Cloud functions. Here Pythons seems to be competing with Node.js since Node.js has a lot of tools like babel, migrate, webpack, and meteor. But python tools like Django and pyramid seem to give Node.js a tough competition. 

Studied Heavily Among The Academics



As learning python increases the chances of a promising career, it is being studied in many programming courses.


Python is trendy among students of software development and more than 80 percent of students are choosing python if they are given an option.


Python is now being incorporated into the curriculums of many schools and universities. It has gained even more success since it is very easy to learn as compared to programming languages. This means that more students can learn python in a shorter amount of time.

Python Is Developing A Vibrant Community


Since python has become extremely popular, we have seen the growth of a vibrant community that supports this language.
Documentation of python is slowly developing and with a solid knowledge base in the coming years, it is expected to lure in more users.



Python is targeted towards people from multiple coding backgrounds. Technology keeps on evolving and so does python. That is why the world of IT has taken on a new path and has chosen Powerful Python as its new multi-functional language. There are many reasons why businesses and developers are choosing python. Python is heavily used in front and backend development, mobile applications, web development, and data sciences. It is also a perfect fit for its application in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Because of an adaptive nature, python can fit almost anywhere with almost no caveats at all.


Python has seen a drastic increase in its user base in the last 3 years. Not many languages have been able to do that so quickly. If Python is compared to other programming languages like C++ and Java, it is much easier to grasp. That is why it is natural for new developers to choose python as their preferred course of action. It doesn’t stop here. Apart from being easy to understand, it is even easier to implement. Python is structured in a way that requires minimal coding. This makes coding easier and efficient. Python provides a new platform for emerging businesses to develop and grow.


Existing and newer technologies can be made better with the use of python. Soon, it will not be a choice but a necessity to choose Python as the primary programming language. With easy to grasp programming concepts, other languages can soon become obsolete. That is why you must move forward according to the market trends.


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