Why Wireframes are crucial to any successful Web Application

Wireframes are a tool that Soft Tech Group uses on web application projects, because we think they are the first setting stone in ensuring the layout, functional requirements and overall scope of an application with a customer. Wireframes help to document each and every functional component of the entire application and hence determines the flow of its usability from its user standpoint. It is a balancing act on an agile project. 


At Soft Tech Group, prior to getting into the design and development stage, we make sure that detailed wireframes are brainstormed with a customer. Our approach is slightly different to our competitors. We lock the Scope of Work for any web application project after the approval of Wireframes by the customer. 


There is a lot of new things which get revealed to a customer during the process of formulating wireframes. Wireframes not only helps clarifying the complete Scope of Work but also brings both parties on the same page.


It is a common myth that wireframes are not that much important in the agile methodology, where as Soft Tech Group believes in opposite to this myth. It is significant to get the basic layout approved, functional requirements documented & the flow of the web application right before starting any development work and this is only possible through crafting of Wireframes.


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